4 Incredible Places To Visit In The UK


Is there any country on earth quite like the UK? With the rural areas that could come out of a Tolkien book, a history that stretches back to the Romans, and a unique national culture, you can see why so

Vacation Like A Celebrity: 4 Tips For Chartering A Yacht

yachting tips

If you’re going to be by the water on your next vacation, you could take the typical tourist route and board a sightseeing tour like the Circle Line in New York City, but there are far more exciting ways to

9 Things You Should Know Before Following the Tour de France


This July, the 103rd Tour de France will set off from Mont Saint-Michel in the northwest to follow a route that stretches for more than 2000 miles around the country before crossing the finish line in Paris. Undoubtedly, the best

Five Sure Fire Ways to Travel on a Shoestring Budget

travel on a shoestring

We are seeing a lot of people traveling these days due to growing affluence. Friends, families and random strangers are posting picturesque snapshots of the places they’ve been to on Facebook and Instagram. Sure, traveling can be very exciting, but

The Best City in America for a Vacation?


Wikipedia If you want to go for a vacation in an American city, then you’re pretty spoiled for choice. New York City is usually the first thing that springs to mind, though some people find it too “industrial” for a

The Only Guide You’ll Ever Need When You Go To Vietnam


South East Asia is a melting pot of tourists and travellers from around the world. From Thailand to Laos and Cambodia, there is one country after another to visit. But, none of the latter beats Vietnam. Vietnam may not be

10 of the Best Places in the World to Ride in 2016

Pennine Bridleway

Are your feet itching to get away? Keen to explore pastures new? Now is the perfect time to plan a little expedition and explore a new riding route. Pack your saddles, some sunscreen and some joint supplements for horses and

Thailand for Expats: A Property Rental Guide

Thailand has emerged as one of the world’s most popular destination among expats. Although, the reasons are many; Thailand’s real estate is one of the prime reasons for the influx of these expats. But before we look at a few

An outlook on Malaysia’s property market

In Malaysia, there are an overwhelming number of new home owners. According to the survey, among the top 5 reasons on why people invest in properties are to get higher yields on rentals (56%), for good capital appreciation (55%), for retirement planning (46%), for a better environment

3 Reasons A Hammock is a Must-Have Camping Item

Hammock wilderness

Heading out into the wilderness for the weekend is many Americans’ idea of a great time. Distancing yourself from cell phones, technology, and modern society can be just the way to reconnect with nature and connect with friends and family.